Yoga: ideal for weight loss of the upper body

The practice of yoga has become widespread in recent years . And for good reason. Many virtues are attributed to this discipline coming from the East that would be as beneficial for the mind as for the body . New ally of people wishing to lose weight, it would include weight loss of the upper body.

The slimming benefits of this discipline for the body
Although it is not a sport in its own right, there are many yoga exercises that allow you to lose weight. Indeed, it is a discipline whose positions require a lot of heart. It pure bhb keto improves cardiovascular health, accelerates fat loss and eliminates toxins in organs and tissues . When practiced on a regular basis, it smoothly muscle and tones the body, increases flexibility and improves posture.

On the mental plane, it is equally beneficial. It’s one of the best ways to relax, get rid of stress and tension, remove all worries and be able to think more calmly. In turn, this improvement of the mental state makes it possible to no longer have recourse to the cravings to calm his states of stress and his jumps of humor.

The board: an ideal posture to strengthen the upper body
The board allows you to work the abdominal muscles and strengthen the muscles located in the upper back. To achieve this, adopt a position similar to that of a board and keep your torso straight to form a straight line from head to toe.

Then move the pressure towards the abdominal part of your body while pushing your belly towards your spine. Hold the same position for 10, 30, 45 or 60 seconds. Note that the more exercise you do, the longer the hold time will be .

Grasshopper: another posture for the upper body
Still called Salabhasana, this posture is difficult for beginners, but it is beneficial on many levels. It strengthens the muscles in the shoulders and arms, corrects problems in the back and improves overall flexibility. Over time, you will also improve your digestion through a massage effect on the internal organs.

To achieve this, put yourself on a mattress and lie on your stomach, stretch your arms on each side and spread your legs to the width of your hips. Then put your forehead on the mattress and inhale by raising your head while pushing your arms towards your feet and lifting your chest off the ground. Hold as many seconds as you can, return to a normal position by exhaling and resume.

In short, Yoga is a discipline that can effectively strengthen the upper body. It can contribute to weight loss in this part of the body. If you have trouble with how to do the different exercises described here, the advice and follow-up of a master may be necessary.

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