Which sports do I practice at 9 months of pregnancy?

It is not because one is pregnant that one will remain physically inactive during the 9 months of pregnancy . Sport is more than useful for women who are expecting a baby from the beginning until the end of their pregnancy. But then, which physical activities should one practice? Here are some ideas to take note of.

For all future moms, physical activity is strongly recommended to give more energy to the mother as to the baby. Only, it is necessary to pay attention and to practice it gently to avoid the risks of miscarriages especially during the first trimesters of gestation.

Walking is one of those exercises that you will have to put into your routine from the beginning super s keto until the end of pregnancy . Walking is a good alternative if you are not very athletic.

Although it is often forgotten, swimming or water aerobics is the best exercise for a woman who is expecting a baby. Whether you are a good swimmer or not, put in your program a few swimming sessions a week. Swimming not only helps you breathe better , but is especially beneficial for preparing you for delivery.

However, avoid diving directly into cold water , as this may lower your temperature, which can affect your baby.

The bike
Contrary to what most people think, cycling is allowed to pregnant women . As long as your belly does not take up too much space and does not bother you, nothing prevents you from getting on the bike a few times a week at least until the 5th month. Know now that the bike allows to aerate, but also toning the perineum .

However, be sure to roll slowly to avoid the risk of falls and ban bicycles that have too much shaking as the case of mountain bikes, for example . Keep in mind that your goal is not to break the cycling record, but to give your baby more energy.

Yoga is also recommended for women who are expecting a baby . This physical exercise is as good for the future moms during the prenatal period as after the birth. This discipline has the principle of mixing the relaxation of body and mind to get rid of stress that are also very harmful to pregnant women.

During your sessions, you must be accompanied by your midwife or physiotherapist who helps you to perform the exercises in accordance.

In short, there are indeed sports that are allowed to women who are expecting a baby . But remember to listen to your body and your needs for your well-being and that of your baby. If possible, ask to be accompanied during your sessions.

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