What sports to strengthen the calves?

What sports to strengthen the calves

Cycling, running or swimming? Which sport (s) to favor to have fine legs and muscular and thus perfect calves ? If daily exercises on the calf extensions can refine them at home, some sports to practice outside also promote the work of this specific area of ​​the body.

The skipping rope to quickly strengthen the calves deep
Jumping rope is an easy sport that requires no specific machine or investment . You can very well practice it every day at home, in order to refine you. In addition to burning fat , this sport helps to strengthen the legs and thighs. The calves are therefore toned and refined since the small jumps stimulate them considerably.

Jump sports: the calves are solicited
To strengthen the calves, there is no miracle: it is appropriate to stretch the muscles and therefore to achieve calf extensions. Thus, all jumping sports are recommended to those who wish to refine the lower legs.

The triple jump or the high jump are athletic events that will work wonders on your body. Register at a club to start practicing these tonic sports.

Volleyball too
Based on the same principle (of the extension), volleyball not only burns fat but also muscles of the calves . This team sport also allows you to work on your endurance.

Swimming to firm the calves
Go to the pool once or twice a week and swim a few laps . This swim has the advantage of soliciting the calves, knees and inner thighs. What to carve dream legs.

Aquagym: for large movements
The resistance of the water helps to massage the belly and thighs, thus reducing cellulite . But that’s not all. Water allows to exert a pressure which favors muscular work. In order to firm the calves, nothing like standing in the pelvis, legs slightly apart.

Bring your heels to your buttocks, alternating left leg and right leg. Increase the intensity as you go. Perform 4 sets of 20 movements.

Pilates or yoga for thinner muscles
Stretches lengthen muscles. Many exercises of Pilates or yoga thus allow to redraw the muscles of the calves, so that they are less imposing.

As you can see, the sports that will stretch your calves can easily refine them and therefore have amazing results!

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