The protein diet, ideal to take muscle?

The protein diet can help you gain muscle, as long as you balance it and check that daily intake is enough to lose weight or stabilize without threatening muscle mass.

The protein diet can help with mass gain
Authorized foods that focus on a high daily protein intake, this diet has the advantage of being able to attack surplus body fat while remaining able to play sports and bodybuilding.

However, it remains a diet, which means that it will bring a number of disadvantages in a practice slimquick keto for mass-weighting: not enough carbohydrates and digestive side effects can disrupt training.

What to put on the menu of a protein diet to facilitate muscle gain?
We must already choose whether we opt for a natural protein diet (via food) or via a program in bags.

Then, we will privilege:

Fish, lean meats , organic eggs
Vegetable proteins if you are vegetarian or vegan (tofu, seitan …)
Sources of low glycemic index carbohydrates (the concern is that some protein diets ban them temporarily)
The ingredients for “good” fats, essential for men and women
We see, someone who trains and wants to take muscle can not opt ​​for any form of protein diet. He needs enough complex carbohydrates to develop his muscle mass without gaining weight elsewhere. To vary the contributions and promote diversity in the plate, we can provide some meals without meat.

In case of doubt about the nutritional balance, the opinion of a doctor is recommended, especially as the authorized fruits are rare and losing weight through this necessarily leads to deficiencies at a given time . This is a major disadvantage over time.

Protein nutrition must be accompanied by sport
To gain muscle, it is necessary to supplement the protein diet with a regular training program. Cardio, bodybuilding, HIIT … if it is difficult not to go through the box “muscle building” , it will however be desirable to vary the types and intensity of efforts.

Recovery times must be provided to allow the muscles time to recover from the stress … and to avoid injury!

Weight loss can be accelerated without disrupting muscle gain by adding an intermittent fasting period in the morning or evening . Physical activity is possible on fasting and can help get rid of fat on the stomach, thighs, legs or arms, which will also allow the muscles to be more and more visible.

After a few days at this rate and making sure to eat enough, the results should already begin to show on the silhouette.

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