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Are you tired of being too effaced and not knowing how to impose yourself? Learn to develop your charisma and dare to assert your opinions!

Here are the 5 golden rules to help you have more confidence in you

Rule # 1: Being in the action
The fundamentals of the charismatic character are obviously to be a rallyer and a group representative, one who will almost embody it. But the leader is also and above all someone who is in action.

Speech is not enough, it is necessary to relate the words to the facts. It is also on this point that the charismatic characters rely. They dare. They take risks.

Rule # 2: Learn to express your project
You have to know how to formalize your project and communicate it both face to face and in front of Trialix a large audience. However, managers do not know how to go from an intellectual discourse written to an emotional speech.

In short, it is necessary to work on this emotional dimension: to manifest one’s personal involvement, to know how to smile, to speak with one’s hands, to express oneself clearly …

Rule 3: Accept the perception of others
The other great job is to succeed in accepting the perception that others have of oneself. Be attentive to the reactions of your employees and adapt your behavior accordingly.

Do not hesitate to ask them questions, even risk to learn what they really think. Do not be afraid, either, to go back over the small incidents and try to understand the reactions. The charisma is also built in the perception you can have of the details and the level of attention that you offer to your collaborators.

Rule # 4: Accept not to be perfect
Do not continually seek perfection. If this is your case, you are surely afraid to disappoint the other, and only allow yourself to speak if you have something brilliant to say.

Be less perfectionist, dare to take risks and give yourself the right not to succeed on the first try.

Rule # 5: Inspire Confidence
If you have a clear vision of the future, know how to express it, and are curious about yourself and others, you will gain some self-confidence , thus gaining the trust of others.

This does not mean that you must be stubborn in certainties and deny any worry. Someone who has charisma also knows that he has doubts, uncertainties, fears, desires, desires … The charismatic manager also knows how to be human by not shutting himself in the image of a leader who takes everything on him. He reassures and knows how to expose himself.

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