Secrets to increase muscle mass without getting fat

To discover how to increase muscle mass without gaining weight, it is necessary to maintain a good daily discipline both in the performance of physical exercise and a strict diet. The truth is that these diets are strict but really cover the entire range of essential foods for the healthy functioning of your body and in terms of physical exercise, do not worry, once you have become accustomed to your daily routine, you will not conceive your day without them.

What you need to know to increase muscle mass without getting fat
Actually the real secret to increase muscle mass without gaining weight is to consume the essential nutrients for muscle development and physical activity, as well as to avoid the foods that normally fatten us, such as saturated fats, excess flours, sweets, chocolates , etc.

To achieve an effective development of muscle mass, it is recommended that men increase their caloric intake between 500 and 1000 calories and for women between 250 and 500 calories.

It is advisable to increase only ½ kilo per week, if the person interested in increasing their muscle mass gets to increase 1 kilo per week it will be necessary to start restricting the food intake.

Anyway, remember that the goal of muscle work and diet that is carried out in order to achieve this purpose, increase lean body mass and obviously decrease fat mass. proflex muscle The elements of our body that have more weight are muscles and bones, while fat weighs much less, so an obese person can weigh even less than a person who has the same size but has much more muscle mass.

Without further ado, our best secrets on how to increase muscle mass without gaining weight.

How to increase muscle mass without gaining weight. Phase 1.
Aerobic work:
People who want to know how to increase muscle mass without gaining weight but find it hard to get rid of those extra pounds they have in their bodies, should considerably moderate their caloric intake. One of the most effective ways to decrease the fat percentage of the organism is through the performance of aerobic work.

The combination between strength work and aerobic work is fundamental to achieve an optimal physical state, reducing the cardiac complications that can contract strength work, due to the overload and the muscular augmentation that includes the increase of the muscles of the heart.

Aerobic work mobilizes fatty deposits accumulated in the body and that we can see in the stomach, arms, hips, legs, neck, etc. The most advisable thing is to carry out a daily routine of between 30 and 45 minutes of physical activity, at least during 3 days a week,

This type of activities will help keep you fit, in addition to solving how to increase muscle mass without gaining weight will also help you to mobilize the accumulated fats in your body, helping you to define and contour your body.

You must keep in mind that the aerobic work you do is not greater than the work of force and therefore does not help you lose muscle mass or slow down the increase of it, try to achieve the perfect balance between the loss of fatty deposits of t body and the increase of your muscle mass.

How to increase muscle mass without gaining weight. Phase 2.

Carbohydrates are the nutritional basis of athletes who need to maintain energy through long hours of training, since carbohydrates are a “fuel” that the body can quickly dispose of. If you want to increase your muscle mass, the foundation of your diet lies in proteins, the compound carbohydrates will help you to have a little more energy during your training and the simple carbohydrates that you can find in fruits, will help you to maintain your tissues and to hydrate your body.

A fundamental recommendation is not to consume carbohydrates in excess, some people say that they should not even be eaten at night because they can help increase fat deposits (since at night you will not do any activity).

If you want to reduce your fat mass, it is best to consume any type of carbohydrates in the morning, this way your body will have enough time to assimilate and consume this type of calories.

Remember to reduce the intake of simple carbohydrates and consume only those compounds, consume oats, foods rich in fiber, etc. during breakfast.

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