Top 5 exercises to strengthen the biceps

Top 5 exercises to strengthen the biceps

The biceps are particular muscles because they do not constitute the main muscle mass of the arm , but their anterior position makes them visible and they are therefore a major objective for amateur bodybuilders . Here are 5 effective exercises to strengthen the biceps …

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The curl biceps at the bar
This is the classic bodybuilding exercise that will win biceps strength and volume. It should be known that this movement can be done at the right bar or EZ bar , the latter to relieve wrists and facilitate movement.

The goal of the exercise is not just to raise the bar . Care must be taken to keep a correct movement , avoiding swinging one’s elbows (from front to back). It is then necessary to concentrate on the contraction of the muscles and the quality of the movement .

The hammer curl
This exercise completes the first, making the arms look thicker with a more massive face. It also makes the forearms more powerful . This exercise is practiced with dumbbells , even if the gyms offer adapted bars.

The curl spider
This exercise is the one that best muscle biceps and is interesting in allowing to avoid cheating with the shoulders . It is carried out on a 45 degree inclined plane by laying the torso on the top of the bench and leaving the shoulders back and down.

Grab the bar, keep your elbows fixed and avoid back and forth movements, and focus on the contraction of your biceps . Only the forearms should move , as for all other curl movements.

The inclined curl
This exercise will result in maximum stretching of the biceps and it is therefore recommended to place it at the end of the session . On a bench inclined at 45 degrees, take a pair of dumbbells and sit with the shoulders in the back position and keeping elbows fixed.

You will not gain strength in lifting these dumbbells but you will be able to concentrate on good muscular sensations .

The curl desk
This exercise is a movement of isolation of the biceps and the use of the desk will prevent you from cheating. The curl desk will cause maximum stretching of your biceps , but be careful not to make a full extension and risk muscle tearing with too heavy a load. The curl desk is practiced with dumbbells in general, but also with a straight bar or EZ.

In conclusion, the biceps exercises are quite numerous and each can be performed with one or more variants (tight grip, wide grip, pronation, supination, with a bench more or less inclined , with a straight bar or EZ ) . The 5 exercises above are essential because they are used in the weight room , but it’s up to you to find the ones that are best for you and that bring you the best results .

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Is the egg au lait allowed during a diet?

Milk eggs are a light and tasty dessert. Can they be integrated into a diet? Yes, provided you prepare your own milk egg to control the recipe.

The traditional milk egg is rather light
Milk eggs are compatible with most diets. They also exist in Dukan recipes or weight watchers. Only diets such as a low carb diet will tend to avoid it because milk causes an increase in blood glucose, despite its nutritional value.

1 serving of egg-milk provides on average 150 kcal, including 6 grams of protein, 18 grams of carbohydrates and 6 of fat (depending on the type of milk chosen, this proportion evolves).

By limiting the use of sugar and choosing a 0% milk, it can be an excellent light dessert in a diet. It permanently cuts hunger, satisfies the taste buds and provides ideal proteins for a balanced dietary intake.

Attention to derivatives and more caloric additions
The egg au lait is sometimes prepared as a custard to which we will add chocolate or caramel, coconut milk or soy vegan version, banana or almond and vanilla toppings. As long as it is accompanied by fresh fruits, like apples, everything remains relatively good for the line and compatible with a diet.

But in other cases, you can quickly fall back on a dessert very rich in calories, sugars and saturated fats.

In case of pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is always better to talk to your doctor about the best food alternatives.

Easy and homemade milk egg recipe
– 1 liter of skimmed milk
– 6 organic eggs
– 1 tablespoon vanilla bourbon (aroma)
– 2 scoops of cooking compatible liquid sweetener

– Preheat the oven to 180 °
– Bring the liter of milk to a boil in a saucepan
– Beat eggs and liquid sweetener as to prepare an omelette
– Pour very gently the milk in this preparation, whisking carefully to prevent eggs from cooking too quickly
– Place in a bain-marie to put everything in the oven
– To envisage a cooking of 30 minutes

This grandmother’s dish is an affordable treat that the whole family enjoys. It has the advantage of not requiring any particular equipment to prepare it, such as a blender or a thermomix.

In case of guests at home or to taste a child, they can be served with lemon or cocoa biscuits.

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5 tips to spend 150 calories a day

Getting weight is easy but it’s a different story when it comes to getting thinner just as quickly. For that, it is advisable to return to the sport and to pay attention to its food.

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Fortunately, by resuming light physical activity, it is already possible to burn 150 calories a day at least! Here are some tips for losing a few pounds at home or by putting on your sneakers.

Spend 150 calories a day while walking
Rather than borrow the car to bring the kids back to school or buy the bread, put on your sneakers. In fact, brisk walking helps to tone the body and burn calories without even realizing it. So do not hesitate to change your habits and forget a little public transport or the car: an hour of walking allows you to spend 150 calories!

The more steps you take, the more you work your muscles. In the office, do not hesitate to stretch your legs every 2 hours by walking in the corridor for example. Take the stairs instead of the elevators.

Spend 150 calories a day while jogging
Running is the sport that allows you to lose weight faster. Indeed, in just 15 to 20 minutes of jogging, you will burn at least 150 calories. If you want to resume a sporting activity, it is therefore towards this one that one must turn. Initially, start with short distances, respecting your pace. You can then progress and lose more calories.

Spend 150 calories a day doing bodybuilding exercises
A few daily exercises can reshape his body and lose weight in a targeted way. For bouncing gluteals, for example, perform 5 sets of 20 squats. To refine your thighs, make 5 sets of 20 slots before alternating left leg and right leg.

To tone your stomach and slim hips, do the board for at least 30 seconds and repeat the exercise twice. You will quickly burn your calories while you muscling.

Learning some yoga positions can also tone your body while relaxing: enough to burn calories gently.

Spend 150 calories on cleaning
In your daily tasks too you can burn calories. Soiling the floor, vacuuming, cleaning the tiles can be spent while taking care of the hygiene and cleanliness of the house! What to kill two birds with one stone?

Spend 150 calories even more easily by … making love!
The last tip to lose 150 calories a day is simply to make love! Indeed, sex, more or less sports, burn fat.

Finally, everyday, it is very easy to lose some calories, sometimes without even realizing it.

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Regime Thonon: what to eat at tea time?

A balanced diet is necessary for lasting weight loss . The Thonon diet allows you to reach your goal quickly thanks to a pre-set menu over 14 days so the question is whether snacks are allowed.


Snacks are prohibited in this diet
Quite simply, if you follow the Thonon program , you will not be entitled to snacks. It may seem complicated knowing that the meals are rather meager, but the result is worth it.

A weight loss of up to 10 kilos a week is possible . Nevertheless if you feel that you really need to eat something, refer to your menu, because during certain days food is at will including salads and fruits .

You can also crack on a dairy with 0% of fat which will offer you a satiety sensation without breaking the rules of the diet. A snack a day including the afternoon is nevertheless the maximum you can afford if you want to enjoy the benefits of this diet quickly.

Principles of the Thonon diet
The principle of this diet is simple, it combines the high protein diet and the low calorie diet. You bring very few calories to your body by consuming proteins that will strengthen your muscle mass and increase the feeling of fullness even if the rations are lower.

The virtues of this diet have been proven and many people choose to follow it. For 14 days you will have a pre-set menu that you will have to follow to the letter.

The nutritional value of these menus does not allow a complete contribution to the body. Watch for signs of deficiencies to prevent health problems.

With what to accompany the Thonon program?
If fatigue can be felt throughout the program, however , try regular physical activity to tone your muscles and stretch your skin .

A great loss of weight involves a loss of fat and your skin may not follow the movement which gives the clumps of unsightly skin that is often seen in people who have lost a lot of weight . Abs and running are strongly recommended.

The rule is simple during a Thonon program, no nibbling or snacking . If you must crack, opt for lean proteins that will fill you up quickly.

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Dry type menu for a 100 kg man

His diet is adapted to his size, weight and needs. Thus a man of 100 kg, having a waist of about 86 – 94 cm, with an adipose rate greater than 15%, will need meals around 2400 kcal per day.

Here are 3 examples of dry menus for a man of 100 kilos.

Menu 1 to 2460 calories

66 g oatmeal
1 tablespoon brown sugar
36cl of skimmed milk
1 big fishing
To taste

227 g of light fruit yoghurt
1 big banana.

1 large tortilla with flour
3 egg whites
66 g pieces of tomatoes
3 tablespoons minced onion
33 g canned corn (with its liquid)
3 tablespoons salsa sauce
Brown onion, tomato and corn with liquid over medium heat. You can add water if necessary. Add the egg whites and scramble with the vegetables until cooked. Spread this mixture on the tortilla and sprinkle with salsa sauce.

To taste

2 measures of meal replacement (equivalent to 300 kcal with 42 g of protein per ration).
Having dinner

227 g of chicken breast
75 g of Italian tomato sauce
85 g light grated mozzarella cheese
1 large potato or sweet potato
3 tablespoons sour cream at 0%
150 g steamed broccoli
85 g light grated mozzarella (on broccoli).
Menu 2 to 2475 calories

2 oat flakes crêpes.
To taste

150 g light cheese
1 big orange.

A half chicken sandwich with

190 g of chicken breast
3 slices of wholemeal bread
mustard and lettuce according to your taste
1 big carrot.
To taste

1 and a half measure of meal replacement (equivalent to 300 kcal with 42 g of protein per ration).
Having dinner

227 g skinless chicken breast
2 tablespoons teriyaki sauce
1 large potato, mashed with garlic
150 g steamed vegetables.
Menu 3 at 2385 calories

3 slices of wholemeal bread
1 large whole egg
2 egg whites
2 tablespoons light margarine.
To taste

1 big banana
36 cl of skimmed milk.

A sandwich and a half crab with

142 g of crab crumbs
33 g celery
1/2 large tomato sliced
33 g light-weight white cheese
3 slices of wholemeal bread
1 big pear.
To taste

1 and a half measure of meal replacement (equivalent to 300 cal with 42 g of protein per ration).
Having dinner

Chicken with lemon and vegetables in foil with

255 g skinless chicken breast
3 tablespoons lemon and pepper marinade
1/2 large zucchini cut into strips
1 large sliced ​​bell pepper
1 large potato cut in 4.
In conclusion, an athlete of 100 kg in dry period must follow a simple and effective diet over several weeks to remove the fat that he took during his weight gain.

These 3 different vegetarian menus, taken without supplement, prove to be easy to apply and will certainly cause a rapid decrease of accumulated fat, and this without sport.

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Why combine vegetables and starchy foods to lose weight?

To speed up your weight loss and not be hungry during your slimming diet, you can bet on the combination of vegetables and starchy foods.

Vegetables and starchy foods on the menu to achieve your slimness goal quickly
Menus often tend to contrast green vegetables with starchy foods (potatoes, pasta, rice, etc.). These menus offer vegetables or carbohydrates with fish or meat. But you can compose dishes that have a very good nutritional quality by keeping the vegetables in your menu, even if your dish has a share of starchy foods.

Your vegetables reduce the glycemic index of your carbohydrates. They help to make their digestion slower. This allows you to make less insulin (the hormone that is partly responsible for the accumulation of calories in the body) and avoid cravings.

Mixing vegetables and starch on a plate is therefore an excellent weapon against storage to be included in dieting to have good results in a short time.

Vegetables to control hunger
Vegetables are composed primarily of 75% to 95% water and sometimes more. It’s the cucumber that breaks the record with 96% water. With less than 78% water, the apple and pea are the poorest in water.

Water does not bring calories, your vegetables are poor. Vegetables are well supplied with fiber. Like water, these fibers provide no calories. In your stomach as well as in the rest of your digestive tract, the fibers fill with water and form a ballast occupying the volume.

By starting a meal with a thick vegetable soup, a large part of the stomach is occupied. This significantly reduces your appetite and your satiety settles. Make good recipes using vegetables and starchy foods during your slimming diet.

Lentils, beans and other pulses are to be included in your diet if you want to slim down healthily. Because these vegetables are rich in fiber, have an insignificant glycemic index, provide vegetable proteins. This gives them several health benefits. In the evening, it is best to eat green vegetables.

If you’re not a fan of vegetables, you have to go beyond imagination to cook your vegetables in the form of gratin so they have a less pronounced taste.

Starchy foods to satiate you by eating little
Starchy foods are composed primarily of complex carbohydrates that unravel after a while to give that essential glucose that provides energy to your body. That’s why they need to bring you half of your calories every day. This allows you to avoid pumping caused by an insufficient amount of glucose in your blood and some cravings that may encourage you to nibble outside meal times.

A diet that incorporates starchy foods eliminates one of the major causes of weight gain. Thus, you are in the way of thinness by combining vegetables and starchy foods. Do not hesitate to take a complete starch as a side dish for your salad.

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Is the lemon diet and breastfeeding compatible?

The lemon diet is acclaimed by Hollywood stars who tout the virtues of detox and burn fat from this 15-day program to lose pounds quickly.

The lemon is rich in flavonoids: the antioxidants beneficial to the immune system and the minerals it contains help reduce the levels of concentrated lipids in the blood and liver.

It is therefore beneficial for the health of the liver but it is the low-calorie diet that explains the elitemax keto side effects immediate weight loss. Apply the lemon diet literally is not compatible with breastfeeding that requires a balanced diet and varied.

Breastfeeding and lemon diet: an association to avoid
You can keep the morning ritual of drinking lemon juice in warm water with 1 cc of cinnamon and 1 cc of ginger on an empty stomach. This vitamin cocktail will provide nutrients to the baby and his mom and help prevent infections. But because what you consume changes the taste of milk, check to see if baby is making a face.

You can also add lemon and zest to your dishes and salads because the pectin absorbs heavy metals and toxins but do not make the program menus because they only have 1000 to 1500 calories and the body needs 2500 c. for lactogenesis.

How to lose the post-pregnancy belly with a drink burns fat?
Losing this little belly and those extra pounds will be made easier by breastfeeding, which will draw on your accumulated reserves during pregnancy without yoyo effect and also thanks to a healthy diet. Do not hesitate to introduce in the afternoon a lemon tea with a ginger root cut but without pepper.

Nuts such as almonds are rich in assimilable energy and pineapple promotes serotonin production that will give you morale and avoid postpartum blues blues.

Tips and advice from nutritionists
Since the lemon diet is effective for boosting the immune system you can introduce it. It is even advisable to take it to thin the blood and thus provide nutrients to the cells. Its benefits could even help the rise of milk by stimulating the metabolism.

And by domino effect successful breastfeeding will also boost the metabolism of the mother and put in place that of the baby who in this area has everything to learn.

No restrictive diet so do not overlook the lemon that will help you and baby to have the shape.

Is stretching really necessary?

What is the “straining-and-pulling” ratio of the body to physical activity? If exercise involves “preparing” the “machine” for dexterity, explosion, and / or force of movement, what is the reason for stretching the muscles and tendons before starting a soccer game or a race, for example? The controversy is on the street, in the sports squares and in the academic environment. Professionals differ on the benefits of stretching before physical activity.

For a current, it is even harmful, calling into question the most repeated orientation among sportsmen in enduro stack recent years that “stretching is essential before and after physical activity.” But, like everything else in science, which includes the study of physiology and the human body, the thesis that opposes stretching “before” also generates opposites.

For other professionals in sports physiology, physical education and physiotherapy, stretching continues to be necessary in the ‘pre’ and ‘post’ physical exertion. But for a third segment, the orientation is not to elongate: “never”.

In an objective synthesis, stretching is increasing the distance between two points of the musculature.

But the body goes beyond so many limits that even cognitive hypnotherapy is lending its collaboration to high-performance athletes. Gaucho Benomy Silberfarb, a specialist in this field of psychology, said in Bauru during a meeting with professionals in the sector last month that he carried out specific works to improve the range in exercises for some years. He has traveled to several countries to apply the technique. Last year, he did work with college athletes in the USA. In October, he was in Portugal talking about cognitive hypnotherapy.

According to Benomy, the “fantastic machine of the human body is able to overcome limits with the use of cognitive hypnotherapy. Therapy suggests that the athlete re-read about his fears and limits, and consciously he jumps more inches than he jumps or stretches the body beyond what he was accustomed to. ”

First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that all the professionals or scholars consulted, involved with the profession that has the physical activity like “raw material”, recognize benefits in the stretching. But the question is “when” and “how” to execute it. For this reason, therefore, professionals in segments such as pilates and RPG use stretching in specific sessions, separated from other physical activities. The idea is to gain flexibility.

Static Motion

One of the controversies about stretching was discussed by the American Stephen Thacker, published in the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. In the study, he points out that there is no evidence that stretching with the stopped person prevents a runner from suffering injuries.

For the professor in sports training, graduated in physical education and doctor in human motricity by Unesp Rio Claro, Júlio dos Santos, the key word in the discussion is “warming up”. “Preparing the body for physical activity has no relation to stretching. The most recent studies point out that it is necessary to prepare the body for exercise and, in this sense, warm-up is the initial path “, he says.

Santos broadens that the heating presupposes to do the moderate activation of the body. “You simulate movements moderately by adapting the body, preparing the joints for the exercise itself. The elongation, in order not to be harmful, can even be delivered but without intensity neither in amplitude nor in time of accomplishment. A lot of amplitude impairs the performance for the actions of strength and power they saw next, in the activity itself, show the most recent studies, “he says.

Júlio dos Santos also defended the stretch with “a lot of moderation” at the end of the year. “At the end of a football match or a run, light stretching, just to ‘release’ the muscles, a little may even be done. But nothing to stay there for 30 seconds with stretched muscle. ” The academic position is received on different fronts of the practice of the sport.

Losing weight of the belly at 45?

Over the years, abdominal fat sets in. At the approach of menopause, it becomes even more difficult to dislodge. However, losing weight at 45 is quite possible thanks to simple ideas.

Malignant nutrition to lose belly at 45
With age, the body of the woman like the man burns fewer calories. A diet is essential to lose weight. But this is not enough. It is also necessary to have a diet leaving a large place for “flat stomach” foods, often high fiber foods: cucumber, zucchini, apple, pineapple, wholemeal bread. On the other hand, you must limit sweets and soft drinks.

For the seasoning of your raw vegetables, you can abuse cider vinegar and lemon juice. Moreover, cinnamon advantageously replaces sugar in natural yogurts, for example.

Physical exercises to lose belly quickly to 45 years
Sports exercises boost weight loss, whatever your age. If you are starting a sports activity after 45 years, it is prime slim forskolin important to ask your doctor for advice on the intensity of the effort compatible with your fitness.

To have a flat stomach, the ideal is to firm the transverse abdominals. Doing the board every day provides spectacular results. In addition, a metabolism stimulating sport such as running, zumba, swimming helps to dislodge fats in depth. To fight against stress, which pushes some to nibble, relaxing activities like yoga are recommended.

You must also move as much as you can while walking and forget about the elevator.

The tips for getting rid naturally of abdominal fat at age 45
Sometimes the ugly belly is not due to the presence of fat but to bloating. Homeopathy is then a solution to find a better transit. Homeopathic products (Carbo Vegetabilis 5 CH, Lycopodium 5CH …) are freely available in pharmacies. The recommended dose is 2 granules three times a day with a stop when symptoms disappear.

Other natural techniques give a boost to find a flat stomach, after 45 years. For example, green tea contains catechins that prevent fat from getting attached to the abdominal strap. But this high dose drink prevents the absorption of iron. It can be replaced by herbal teas “flat stomach”. In addition, thanks to the ventral breathing, you work gently your abs.

Finally, a massage with, for example, a cream containing birch essential oils helps to improve blood circulation in this part of the body.

Firming your belly at age 45 goes through a balanced diet and movement. You will quickly find a nice silhouette and you will reduce your risk of cardiovascular accident…

How to remove dimples on the calves?

To say goodbye fat , some good practices and tips are enough.

Break the dimples to break them
Palpate-rolling is the best known method but there are many others. To massage small areas such as thighs , there are suction cups. The suction pad is used to decompress the skin of fat cells .

To improve the effectiveness of the latter, a massage oil or cream can be applied to the skin beforehand. The circular movement of the suction cups also has a beneficial effect on the drainage of subcutaneous toxins and water retention.

Destroy them with a local action
If you’ve been wondering for years how to get rid of cellulite on your calves and have already tried everything we’ve mentioned, we recommend you turn to methods proposed institute.

At first, do not hesitate to turn to the sweetest methods to remove it . This can range from deep massage to ultrasound through the magnetic field.

If these techniques prove ineffective, think of cryolipolysis . This technique is recent but it has already proven itself. It consists in exposing cold areas where cellulite is present.

In contact with the cold, the fat cells receive a cell death signal called apoptosis. Performed for a few weeks in a row, this technique significantly erases cellulite.

Focus on a healthy and balanced diet
To remove cellulite on the legs and more particularly on the calves , it is necessary to pay attention to its diet. Among the different tips that we can give you, the first is to be well hydrated.

Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink. In addition, certain contributions are to be limited to overcome cellulite . This is particularly the case of intake of salt , carbohydrates and lipids.

It is also essential to ensure a sufficient intake of dietary fiber . These have the effect of smoothing the cellulite present and reduce the appearance.