Mountain Climber: effects and results!

Among the easy exercises to do at home to lose weight, is the mountain climber (or exercise climber, in French). What is the principle and what are its effects on your body?

Which muscles are used with the mountain climber?
The mountain climber puts on the work of the lower limbs of the body. But the abdominal belt and the arms are also solicited. As a result, the entire silhouette is refined.

Performed quickly, the exercise helps make the body more toned and works the cardiovascular system. When the exercise is performed more gently, the muscles are solicited more deeply.

So what are the muscles that work during the realization of the mountain climber?

The medium and large buttocks as well as the hamstrings will heat up, which will allow you to have sharp thighs and sculpted buttocks. The abs are also strengthened because the transverse muscle and the obliques are solicited. Finally, your calves and triceps also work during this exercise burns fat.

How to run the mountain climber?
To properly perform the exercise climber moutain, the beginner must follow some basic instructions.

Indeed, it includes a sequence of several movements which, to be effective, must be done properly.

To do this, take the starting posture by placing yourself on your hands, arms outstretched, and your toes, as if you were going to make pumps.

Make sure your back is straight, your abs and buttocks are contracted, and your head, shoulders, back, buttocks and legs are in the same alignment. Reassemble one leg by placing your knee at the level of your torso (the one on the right, for example) without placing your foot on the ground. Then, with an impulse, invert your supports and then bring your left leg forward and put your right leg back.

The results of the mountain climber on your body
The exercise of mountain climber has several effects on your metabolism. He first develops your muscle tone. In addition, it burns fat and therefore reduces weight by eliminating calories. Include it in a more general sports program.

For example, make 3 sets of 20 moves, after performing 3 sets of 20 front slit movements and 3 sets of 20 squat moves.

Finally, the mountain climber solicits your cardiovascular capacity and allows you to work your cardio. For conclusive results, carry out this exercise every day.

In short, the benefits of mountain climber are numerous and they allow to carve a body of dreams.

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