Making burpees helps to develop the buttocks

It is a more intense routine, where many muscle groups are worked: legs, glutes, core muscles , arms and shoulders. If you have difficulty try to do it very calmly, in phases, each of the movements separately. Observe the following tutorial, this exercise demands a lot of energy.

Do steps for buttocks
You can also replace it by climbing stairs. If you do not have steps you can use any box about 50 cm high or lower. It is a very simple exercise that does not require much prior preparation, but in any case you do not have to exaggerate.

To increase the difficulty only increase the height of the step, or raise with both legs. Thin steps do not work much buttocks, while high steps require strong gluteal exercises in men. Look at the following tutorial.

Spartan bowing
For its degree of difficulty is another of the ideal exercises to develop a man’s buttocks. You need good balance, because you stand with one foot and the other pulled back, it is very similar to a stride and a squat.

The spartan reverence works the quadriceps femoris, the gluteus majors and of secondary form the rest of muscles of the leg. It is a complete exercise that should not be lacking in your routine, since it will give you very good results. Watch the tutorial so that you do it correctly.

Jumps with legs separation (jumping jacks)
Another of the magnificent exercises for gluteus in men, very demanding of energy, so you have to have a diet rich in natural carbohydrates and proteins. You start standing, z vital male enhancement with your arms glued to your hips. Then you jump open your legs and raise your arms above your head, return to the starting position and repeat.

Tips to succeed with these exercises for gluteus in men:

– Be constant , the gluteus is a very large muscle, difficult to exhaust and stimulate its growth

– Visualize your goal and focus on the exercises where your buttocks work more

– Add natural proteins and carbohydrates to your diet, to build muscle volume

– You need to do cardiovascular exercise to encourage your muscle growth hormones

– Rest well , do not do exercises every day for this muscle group, it is recommended 3 – 4 times a week, routines of 30 minutes.

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