Losing weight of the belly with essential oils?

To find a flat belly, without superfluous fat, without embarrassing bloating , you dream of it! And among the many possible solutions, at the time of bio, you have undoubtedly heard about the benefits of essential oils.

But are these natural assets really effective? Well, yeah ! Discover with us how to lose belly more quickly, thanks to two hey gifted.

A massage with essential oils for a flat stomach
With each essential oil, its keto drox particular effects. Your abdominal curves are coupled with a little cellulite ? For a slimming and draining action, bet on the virtues of citrus!

Circulatory and invigorating, it is the basis of a homemade recipe, for a really effective firming oil.

– 2 drops of cinnamon essential oil

– 5 drops of lemon essential oil

– 10 ml of vegetable oil of argan

Preparation and application
– Mix all the ingredients.

– Apply to the affected areas morning and evening, circular massage to properly penetrate the assets.

Flat belly: essential oils, drink them too!
Your little belly is rather due to bloating? You can also drink the essential oil of lemon , for a direct action on the digestion: simply mix it with a spoonful of vegetable oil, at the rate of one to two drops, before swallowing it.

The right dosage? 3 times a day ! And the trick in addition: consumed at a distance from meals, this he would help to cut the hunger. Have you already eaten too much? Use the essential oil of cinnamon, also very useful internally.

It stimulates and facilitates digestion. To clear the belly that balloon after excess food , it is also taken three times a day. The right dose: a drop, no more, melted in a little vegetable oil.

Virtues and limits of slimming essential oils
True remedies, essential oils are useful well beyond their slimming action. Thus, the lemon he fights against infectious diseases and nausea, strengthens the immunity, or disinfects the air. Cinnamon is anti-coagulant , but also treats mycosis, urinary tract infections or warts.

But precisely because they are powerful, essential oils are to be taken with care! Neurotoxic, or incompatible with sun exposure, these substances each have their own set of contraindications.

Are you a pregnant or breastfeeding woman? Go your way, or consult a qualified aromatherapist, to use only the essences adapted to your situation .

And in any case, always carefully observe the minimum recommended dilution: some essential oils can not be applied pure, otherwise irritating or burning the skin.

Wondering how to lose belly? If you do not have a contraindication to their use, adopt essential oils to drain the tissues and firm the skin!

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