Lose legs with the squat?

Usually intended for muscle building , it is also an effective way to lose lower limbs. Realized alone or in addition to a circuit training including exercises of cladding, cracks, it will allow you to obtain firm and thin legs.

How does this exercise help to lose weight?
It is a flexion that serves globally to work the gluteal muscles, thighs, knees and calves. Realized with or without a weight, according to the intensity of the desired movement, it allows both to refine and tone the lower limbs .

It is often recommended for natura farms keto a program of at least two to three months. The exercises are performed in sets of 10 to 20 repetitions, with a daily workout of 15 to 20 minutes.

How to do your squats?
The classic version is done with the feet apart from the width of the hips and the hands at the waist. Bend by stretching your buttocks back and arms in front of you. The thighs should be parallel to the floor, then go back up.

It is also possible to reproduce this movement, but with the feet apart a little more than the width of the shoulders and turned outwards. As the name implies squat jump includes a jump just after bending, before going back up.

Opinions and recommendations
To avoid back pain, it is advisable to contract the abs when you perform the movement . Also keep your knees slightly bent each time you come up. To keep your balance, keep your feet flat on the floor and put the weight of your body in your heels with each flexion.

To quickly melt fat, do not hesitate to provide after each workout a massage session lasting about 10 minutes. Perform a palpate roll on your calves to stimulate blood flow and promote the elimination of cellulite.

A diet adapted to your objectives
A problem of water retention or poor circulation usually explains the fact of having big calves. It is therefore important to improve your eating habits to enjoy the benefits of physical activity . In particular, it is recommended to drink 1.5 liters of water every day. Drink preferably still water or herbal tea with draining virtues.

To slim down your calves, moderate the consumption of foods high in fat , sugar and salt. It is useless to natura farms keto cost deprive you. Simply vary and balance your menus by focusing on low calorie foods.

In short, the practice of a sport associated with a healthy diet and good hydration will allow you to have thinner calves.

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