Leucine in bodybuilding

If you are wondering what leucine is, it is an essential amino acid belonging to the BCAA family or branched or branched amino acids such as isoleucine and valine. It is naturally present in the body, constituting nearly 8% of our amino acids. It is essential for the body to build muscle fibers.

It plays a leading role in anabolism by promoting the body’s ability to build muscles. It is for this reason that it is of paramount importance in sports nutrition, especially for people who practice muscu.

Leucine and protein synthesis
Leucine brings many benefits for athletes wanting more muscle. The amino acid contributes to theĀ niwali keto proper assimilation of proteins to maintain a positive nitrogen balance. It should be known that when this equilibrium is disturbed, the proteins are very quickly degraded to cause a muscular wasting. This anti-catabolising effect is essential for athletes and athletes of all kinds.

But it also helps to relieve muscle relaxation that tends to occur with age and aging. In a nutshell, leucine is effective for having a good muscle mass.

Leucine and muscle fiber construction
Leucine increases anabolism so that the body can create muscle more easily. This is why it is very recommended for people who do bodybuilding. It guarantees an impressive result.

Its effectiveness is scientifically proven. But that’s not all, it provides energy to the muscles so they can sustain endurance. It allows you to remain competitive, not only during competitions, but also during training sessions. It greatly reduces the risk of fatigue.

How to use leucine in bodybuilding?
This amino acid is present in protein foods such as meat, fish and dairy products. But to have the amount necessary for the practice of bodybuilding or any other intense sport, it is advisable to take as an organic food supplement, sold as a powder in pharmacies.

Its use can be done before, during and after the effort. But of course, consume it before an intensive session is more judicious, because thus, it increases the performance while boosting the creation of muscles.

Posology of leucine
There is a dosage to respect for leucine to be effective. Very often, it is recommended to take 10 gr of powder to dilute in water (5 gr if you dilute it in a protein drink like whey) before a session, 10 g during the effort and another 10 grams afterwards to allow to the muscles to recover.

But do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for details. In general, leucine is safe and does not cause side effects. But the dietary supplement is prohibited to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, which normally should not make muscu in any way.

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