How to work shoulder muscles to achieve a large volume increase

To work your muscles well, do not forget to do a good warm-up and stretch beforehand . In the case of the shoulders, it must be taken into account that the external rotation movement of the shoulder is the weakest of all, so a good warm-up is recommended, which should include external and internal rotations of the shoulder, rotations up and down .

Working shoulder muscles is one of the most complex, due to its tendency to injury and instability. But since most sports require some shoulder movement, it will always be important to train the shoulders 100% .

How to work shoulder muscles
In the following video we have an example of shoulder work in the gym.

The most efficient exercises to work the shoulder are:

Press Military sitting trasnuca with bar,
Press Military sitting with bar,
Lateral lifts with dumbbells,
Face Pull.
The deltoidIt is a shoulder muscle. It has the shape of a hollow semi-cone, which surrounds the shoulder snap hero testo joint and joins the scapular waist to the humeral shaft.

The best isolated exercises for deltoids are:

Previous portion:

Press Military Sitting with bar behind the neck,
Press Military Sitting with bar,
Press banking inclined.
Medium Portion:

Face Pull,
Dumbbell side lifts,
Press Military Sitting bar behind the neck.
Posterior portion:

Face Pull,
Bird-type lifts prone grip.
The trapezius muscleIt is another muscle that has to be worked along with the shoulder muscles. It is located in the posterior region of the neck and trunk.

The best exercises for the upper portion of the trapezius are:

Findings with bar,
Military Press standing with bar,
Lateral elevations carried over the horizontal.
To work the shoulder muscles efficiently, intensity, technique, range of travel and grip width (related to the rotation of the humerus) are needed. A wider grip stimulates to a greater extent the medial and posterior head of the deltoid.

After working shoulder muscles, the result will be a rounded and strong shape, which allows to expand the width of the back and mark the distance between the ends of the torso, which gives the man a better bearing.

As if that were not enough, working muscles of the shoulder helps prevent injuries, since it strengthens the muscles that support the joint and helps to take care of it when we work with high loads.

Therefore, regardless of the sport you practice, in your training you should not forget the work of the shoulders to be more efficient, in step look in better shape.

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