How to lose 15 kg in 2 months?

Losing 15 kg in just 2 months would mean losing more than 7 pounds a month . If one can achieve a result close to this goal by following a strict low calorie diet, it is not a recommended program because it is not effective in the long term.

It is better to set a goal that is more easily achievable to lose weight healthily and sustainably.

To lose weight naturally and without depriving oneself
Man or woman, slim or more corpulent, we all tend to gain weight because of a lifestyle often too sedentary  k2 slim keto , punctuated by snacking and meals on the go. How then to lose fifteen pounds without going too strict?

To slim down without gaining weight it is essential to understand where our bad reflexes and our food imbalance come from. These are often related to habits that we must learn to discard: stop nibbling in front of our favorite series , take the time to eat at the table, prepare a real hearty breakfast, and so on.

Find the pleasure of eating
Looking to lose 15 pounds in two months can be frustrating, demotivating and devaluing. To lose weight effectively, do not try to go too fast. To lose 15 kilos, better give yourself at least 5 months.

Rebalance your diet in the long term, by reintroducing fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding soft drinks and alcohol, reducing your sugar intake, fat and calories daily … You will quickly feel a real difference and will be particularly more fit with less fatigue and a less bloated belly.

If you tend to have cravings, stock up on protein. Whether plant or animal, it is they that will allow you to hold longer between meals. The key to a successful diet is to eat with pleasure by choosing healthy foods that are good for us.

Put on your sneakers to lose centimeters
Physical activity is an integral part of a diet. In addition to a balanced diet, sport is essential to find the line. When you have 15 pounds to lose, you can start with mild sports for the joints, like swimming.

Excellent for quickly strengthening the arms, legs, back and abs, swimming is also ideal for losing a little orange peel thanks to the action of water that will massage and remove cellulite.

Then, go running. With 3 sessions per week, jogging improves the cardio and dries the body for a refined silhouette.

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