How to firm up her pregnant glutes?

The body of a woman undergoes remarkable changes during pregnancy . Weight gain, water retention, stretch marks and muscle relaxation are often the price to pay for the happy event. Dear future moms, know that it is quite possible to keep a beautiful silhouette while being pregnant but for that, you must put yourself to sport.

If your goal is to firm the buttocks that tend to become flaccid during this period, the following exercises are for you .

First gluteal exercise for pregnant women
To practice this physical activity properly, you will need a chair . Stand with your back straight and your heels slightly apart. Take a rest on the back of the chair with one hand and natura farms keto extend the other arm along your body.

Now, gently bend your knees while lifting your heels to solicit your glutes. You will do half-flexions. Make a series of 10 flexions a day but if you feel able to do more, it will be even better. It is important to manage your breathing well to avoid getting tired too fast. Take a deep breath as you descend and exhale while going up.

Second gluteal exercise adapted to pregnancy
Just like the previous exercise, it is very easy to do , requires a chair and is safe for the future mother or the baby to be born. You must also put yourself in a standing position, your back straight, one hand resting on the back of the chair, the other hand resting on your thigh.

Now, gently lift the leg to the side and make circular movements in the air . Do the same with the other leg. Do a series of 5 movements with each leg or more depending on your rhythm. Do not forget to always breathe.

Third gluteal exercise for pregnant women
Stand with your head and back straight against a wall. Spread your legs slightly, keeping the soles of your feet flat on the floor. Put your hands on your hips. Then, gently try while leaning against the wall. Then, get up very gently and start again 5 to 10 times per session according to your capacity. Once again, a good breath should be appropriate for your good .

Adopt an adequate diet
When you are pregnant, dietary restrictions are strongly discouraged, but you can still watch your nutrition to get firm and toned glutes. Thus, in addition to the exercises mentioned above, focus on healthy and protein foods such as lean dairy products, white meats, fish and shellfish.

Avoid fats as well as industrial products that contain chemical components.

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