Dill essential oil: properties on digestion?

If dill is an herb that is often used in cooking for its fragrant scent , did you know that it acts favorably on your stomach to aid digestion? Zoom on the essential oil of dill, your healthy ally!

The benefits of essential oil of dill on digestion
The essential oil of dill is obtained by distillation of the seeds. It has the power to stimulate the salivary glands as well as gastric and intestinal secretions. This results in a stimulating effect that helps you digest better.

This essential oil actually acts on nutrix slim keto all digestive disorders including bloating and flatulence. Thus, it fights against the aerophagia which causes inconveniences and gases at the level of the stomach.

In addition, dill essential oil relieves the digestive problems of infants with colic or indigestion . Dill essential oil is also effective in bronchitis and has direct effects on the thyroid gland.

How to use the essential oil of dill
The essential oil of dill applies exclusively in cutaneous massage except recommendation of a professional who alone can advise an oral use.

As for the dosage:

– For digestive disorders: simply dilute 1 drop of essential oil in 4 drops of vegetable oil and massage the abdomen after the meal.

– In case of bronchitis: take the same doses and apply the oil on the chest and upper back 4 times a day for 10 days.

Where to find the essential oil of dill?
If you have the opportunity to make it yourself from organic seeds, it will always be better. However, it is easy to find essential oil of dill in specialized shops and organic stores. Some online sites like Pranarom also offer some. Before buying your essential oil, remember to check its composition and the laboratory that offers it.

Some contraindications
Warning ! The essential oil of dill is reserved for adults only . It is forbidden to pregnant and lactating women, children under 6 years and babies under 3 years. If it can be used orally and dermally, the essential oil of dill should not be diffused nor inhaled without medical advice.

After a meal too rich or if digestive disorders make you suffer, consider massaging your belly with the essential oil of dill.

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