Crossfit Sport Program

An unhealthy lifestyle, which promotes malnutrition and lack of sports, can quickly make you gain pounds. If you have crossed a course and are now overweight, do not wait! It’s time to get back to your exercises to quickly find a great look.

By choosing the crossfit, you will opt for a complete sports program that not only will burn your fat , but also strengthen your muscles. It’s your turn !

Exercises to lose weight
The abs: it’s the most classic. With these very simple movements, you put a lot of pressure on your stomach and your abdominals, which will melt them first.
Skipping rope: causing a rapid weight loss, this physical activity is comparable to running . Only here, great attention will be required not to stumble.
The jump: as its name suggests, you will simply have to jump on a medium high enough, then go down and bio x keto repeat the thing.
Dips: by holding parallel bars (at your hips) with both arms, it will be enough to go up and down your body by folding them. These movements strengthen your biceps.
Push-ups: the base remains the pumps . But depending on your habits, you can intensify and complicate movements.
For those looking for a real challenge, the circuit training or HIIT is more efficient and makes you lose weight faster. However, the efforts to be provided are intense . It is therefore advisable to regulars.

How to insert it into your schedule?
To reach your goal without putting you in danger, the presence of a coach is sometimes useful. Fortunately, you can find some in a gym. Moreover, going to a specialized place can be a more important source of motivation. You will probably be surrounded by people in the same case as you. At the level of exercises, it will be necessary not to exceed 1 h of crossfit per session. Three sessions a week will be enough to burn 2,160 calories (720 calories x 3). And to hold on, support your physical efforts with proper nutrition ! The best is to eat mainly protein dishes, stopping the consumption of fat, flour, gas and alcohol.

Executed in the state of the art, the crossfit is one of the most effective programs to lose weight. For the more assiduous, it will even gain volume in the biceps . For this, listen only to the advice of a good coach, never neglecting your diet!

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