Cellulite: salt is your enemy!

If a slimming diet can get rid of extra pounds, the orange peel , she often continues to hang on. To eliminate it, and if you tried to eat less salty? Tips and explanations.

Salt, a well-known cellulite factor
When consumed in too large quantities, sodium pushes water to accumulate in the tissues: it is the retention of water .

At the origin of watery cellulite, this sneaky that reaches even the thinnest, water retention also¬†bodyfit keto maintains fibrous cellulite – you know , this very encrusted orange peel that sometimes follows you for years …

To get rid of your dimpling, it is therefore necessary above all to avoid this phenomenon and promote drainage . If sodium is needed by the body, there is not enough!

Three effective tips for eating less salt
From potatoes to cabbage to carrots, many foods naturally contain sodium. No need to add more ! To limit your contributions, here are three tips to apply daily:

1 Remove processed foods

Prepared dishes, bouillon cube, charcuterie …: all these industrial foods are real sodium bombs . To avoid excess, choose simple products and home cooking.

2 Do not salt your meals anymore

Salting is often an automatic gesture: sown on the dishes before even tasting, sodium is omnipresent in our plates. To limit the damage, think about it: does your dressing really need to be salty ?

3 Find other sources of flavor

“Not salted, all my dishes are bland, how to give them more taste? Sodium is not the only flavor enhancer! Think also of herbs , spices or even dietary salt, based on potassium chloride.

Health: vices and virtues of sodium
Necessary for the body, sodium plays a fundamental role in the functioning of cells . Crucial for water balance, it also allows neurons to form nerve messages.

But to meet all our needs, 4 grams of sodium are enough , and excess can seriously damage health …

If your sodium intake is too high, you directly increase your blood pressure and your risk of a cardiovascular event . Some heart and kidney diseases are also linked to too much sodium intake.

Although essential, sodium must be consumed in small quantities . For your health and to remove your cellulite, leave your salt shaker aside!

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