Interval training to lose weight?

The principle of losing weight is based on burning more calories than you consume. Nothing new on that side. However, in recent years, cardiotraining is being replaced by interval training , also called HIIT (high intensity interval training) which would burn more calories in less time and thus accelerate weight loss .

What are the benefits of interval training?

In addition to helping you burn kcal , interval training acts directly and effectively against cellulite while working your cardio . As you train, you’ll build a firmer, more toned, athletic, muscular and thinner body while improving your endurance abilities.

In addition, interval training should allow you to burn more calories when you rest until 24 hours after your workout. This kind of workout stimulates your whole body and in two to three weeks you will see some areas begin to shrink.

The interval training is practiced everywhere according to your activity, in a gym or bodybuilding , in the swimming pool, outside, inside, etc.

How it works ?

Take for example the case of running: the interval training will consist of alternating periods of jogging at your normal pace with periods of sprinting. Start slowly to improve quickly. Interval training circuits also exist and combine the benefits of bodybuilding with those of cardio.

In a nutshell, for about 20 minutes, you will practice exercises such as push-ups, abs, squats , mountain climber, etc. at high intensity. Guaranteed results!

And if you are a fan of team sports, know that football , with its accelerations and slowdowns, offers a form of interval training.

What is interval training?

Small definition of interval training. What is it about ? Simply alternate periods of high intensity exercise with lower intensity exercises. It is actually a kind of split sport. The interval training should not last more than 45 minutes.

And that has very interesting with interval training is that you can practice your favorite sport like swimming , the cycling , the running , the elliptical to jump rope or the kettlebell.

Train differently thanks to the interval training and quickly benefit from the effects on your body and its musculature.

What training exercises to lose weight?

No need to follow the draconian regimes literally to melt. Whether you are a woman or a man, you can also lose your extra pounds, without frustration , by adopting good daily habits.

A balanced diet , combined with physical exercise helps to refine and tone the body. However, some disciplines contribute more than others to losing weight.


the circuit training to find your tone

This is a sequence of several exercises with a limited rest time. Whether you want to lose weight or toneĀ Keto Buzz your body , your body continues to consume fat for the next 24 hours after a significant increase in oxygen consumption.

Here is an example of a circuit training program combining classic and cardiovascular weight training exercises , practiced two to three times a week:

  • – Exercise 1: pump or bench press
  • – Exercise 2: burpees
  • – Exercise 3: jump rope
  • – Exercise 4: squat body weight
  • – Exercise 5: shuttle four meters in not hunted

Burn calories with cardio training

If you’re not a fitness enthusiast, think about cardio training with cardiovascular activity like the elliptical or flat bike. These activities are excellent for maintaining one’s shape and eliminating between 300 and 600 Kcal per hour, depending on the intensity of the effort.

After a few minutes of effort, the body draws on its reserves of fat to provide the body with the energy needed for training . For quick and visible results in weight loss, a training frequency of two sessions per week should be respected.

The gym: accessible and complete sport

All you need to strengthen the muscles in depth and improve posture by toning the back, gymnastics is a great ally to maintain its daily line at home, without equipment. If your goal is to burn as many calories as possible , focus your choice on a gym discipline such as the Swedish gym or Zumba.

Alternating bodybuilding exercises, stretching and relaxation movements, these gymnastics combine the pleasure of dancing with the benefits of physical exertion.

Melting with a team sport

Beginners can always opt for the practice of a team sport to melt without realizing it. Thanks to the groupĀ Keto Buzz REVIEWS dimension, the collective sport is a particularly energy-consuming activity, since it requires a quasi-permanent effort, physical duels and changes of incessant rhythms.

Among the most intense team sports, football and basketball are in a good position, with 400 calories spent per half hour of play.

Exercising the body regularly and eating rationally until satiety permanently affine the silhouette, while a private diet is usually followed by a recovery of weight due to a yo – yo effect deleterious to health.