100 repetitions for a big back

The back is a damn heavy muscular group, which means it needs some work to grow. There are challenging back exercises, but it’s hard to reach the limits of these big muscles. Shooting as hard is the best way to raise your back and overtaking caps. This finisher of 100 repetitions is a sure method to end your fully-exhausted back session.

Choose your exercise
I suggest you choose a device. Exercises at leisure tell the word on your shoulders and elbows and are harder to control as you get tired. Here we are talking about pure hypertrophy, not functional hypertrophy! Devices help you to better isolate certain areas in the back, and the fixed trajectory is safer in this case.

If you need straps to strengthen your socket, use them. The purpose is to spray your back. If you want to straighten your socket, leave the straps . If you want to choose an exercise Latest behind and traction helcometru narrow outlet .If you choose thickening back rooting the device with T-bar or rooting the device in sat .

Choose a weight to reach exhaustion at 20-25 reps. It’s easier than that to help build muscles. If you choose too much weight you will get tired too fast and you will not reach the number of 100 repetitions.

100 repetitions for a big back
You start making repetitions with your chosen weight until you reach the technical exhaustion. Technical depletion means you can not make any repeat CORECTA again . When this happens, you stop. The number of 100 reps you’ve just made. Let’s say you did 25 reps, 100 – 25 = 75 seconds of pause.

After the pause passes, continue the set from the number of repetitions you left. In our example, if you have 25 repetitions, you start counting from 26. You work until you touch alpha titan testo the technical exhaustion. Let’s say it happens at 45 repetitions. Decrease again by 100 the number of reps you have reached and give you rest time. This time it’s only 55 seconds.

As the number of repetitions increases, the rest time decreases . Repeat this pattern until you get 100 reps. Let’s say you’re exhausted at 92. It rests for 8 seconds and you can do some repetitions … and so on up to 100. In the beginning you do normal sets, but in the end it will look more like the break-rest technique. Dorsalis will be in flame, and the weight that seemed so easy at first will feel like a new personal record.

This method is thought to squeeze your back muscles. If you make an easy set of 100 repetitions in one piece you will not feel much. Also, you do not have to do a lot of minisets. After 20-25 initial reps, it’s best to make sets of 5-10 reps .

The first time you try this method, the goal is to reach 100 reps. Then next time, opt for a higher weight or shorter breaks. This will make you progress and you will see tangible results.

Almond, ideal for mass gain?

If dried fruits, especially almonds , are recommended to maintain good health, they also promote muscle mass gain .

The benefit of an almond on the body is undeniable, so as to integrate into his diet . As a snack, on a dessert or in a salad, almonds are among the main oleaginous to favor bodybuilding.

Almonds and bodybuilding
Almonds, ideally organic, represent a real nutritional interest for bodybuilding, whether confirmed or simple beginner in the field. No need to count calories (kcal) on your dry keto plus premier diet , just bring with you a handful of almonds to eat in the morning or at lunch.

Here are the main benefits of almonds in a diet geared towards weight gain:

– testosterone increase : essential in bodybuilding, testosterone is closely linked to muscle growth . But the older we get, the lower the level. The food makes it possible to make up for the lacks.

– a contribution of calories : almonds fit perfectly into any diet over time, as they are excellent for health. If dried fruits bring sugar and carbohydrate, dried fruits are rich in lipids , ideal for providing energy during any bodybuilding exercise.

– a protein intake : 100 grams of almonds contain close to 21 grams of protein.

– an interesting nutritional contribution : almonds improve the transit, are rich in vitamin E, calcium , zinc, potassium, omega 3.

– a practical aspect : healthy and quick to consume everywhere , almonds represent the ideal snack to take with you.

During your food diet focused on mass gain, so do not hesitate a second to integrate some almonds. Delicious natures, grilled or tapered, they harmonize with all kinds of salads, all the dishes and other desserts. And to vary the pleasures or concoct delicious smoothies, think almond milk !

Almonds: nutritional intake
The almond, whether sweet, bitter, grilled or raw can be filled with lipids, natural protein and magnesium. By taking a handful of flaked almonds or not in snack , you consume good unsaturated fatty acids, ideal for a quick mass .

Nevertheless, if the nutritional value of almonds is interesting and good for the body, do not eat the package either. Around thirty organic almonds are enough to cover the necessary lipid needs. By their composition, these oilseeds strengthen cardiovascular function, help to limit cholesterol , control blood sugar and help muscle growth .

In the dry season, it is important to include them in your diet to lose fat and draw your muscles.

Back training secrets

Bezuslovno, one of the most important muscle groups is spin. It is the broad and muscular back that makes it possible to evaluate a person as an athlete. In addition, it can be seen through light clothing, that is, its development guarantees you a dozen of interested women’s views. And it’s not about the personal preferences of a girl.

In fact, the eternal search for protection lies in the female organism by nature, in the face of the male, and deeply on a subconscious level it is easier to hide behind the partner’s broad back; fully secure yourself.

From 2000 to 2004, numerous supreme 500 male enhancement studies were conducted by foreign institutions, including experiments on monkeys, which proved the correctness of this judgment. So we can say with confidence that this is a scientifically based fact. But we deviated a little from our main topic.


Surely some readers are already familiar with the terms hypertrophy and hyperplasia. Recall hypertrophy is the increase in cell volume under the influence of various factors. Bodybuilder muscles during exercise can serve as a prime example of hypertrophy. However, it is worth remembering that hypertrophy is a temporary phenomenon, and muscle growth during recovery processes occurs due to hyperplasia (an increase in the number of cells, not volumes), but we’ll definitely talk about this in one of the following articles.

From the point of view of training the back, we are interested in hypertrophy, because in its absence hyperplasia simply does not appear, and as a result, the muscles will not grow. Few people know that the increase in cell volume can occur in different ways:

– Myofibrillary hypertrophy (MG). This option implies an increase in the myofibrils themselves, i.e. muscle cells, and as a result of their strength;
– Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (SG). Here, a visual increase occurs due to the growth of sarcoplasma – the fluid that surrounds the nucleus of the muscle cell. These include creatine phosphate, glycogen and other non-contractile fibers.

To build back training, based on these aspects, you will have to use different rates of performance of one exercise or another. It is worth noting that only in this way you will be able to develop both the width of the back and its thickness. Many athletes often forget about the importance of the second factor, plunging headlong into the development of width. As a result, they see in the mirror thin latissimus, which resemble a half-dead cobra.

Thickness of the back

Judging from the experience of our editorial board, all the exercises on the so-called thickness of the back are based mainly on movements, where the elbows move perpendicular to the torso. For example: a barbell in the slope, a dumbbell in the slope, a T-bar, a block pull to a belt, sitting, etc.

As a rule, the width of the grip is quite moderate and approximately equal to the shoulder girdle. Too large a distance between the palms will not allow the basic principles of “thickness” construction, namely, the movement of elbows perpendicular to the torso.

The width of the back

Here is dominated by vertical movements in which the elbows move along the back. Here you can safely bring the pull-ups with a wide grip, various wide thrusts of the upper block and simulations of pull-ups while sitting in the Hummer simulators. The distance between the palms at the same time should be quite large.

How to combine both types of hypertrophy?

Everything is simple: MG can only be achieved by strong muscular tension, which occurs when working with weights over 70% of your one-time maximum. The pace of implementation should not be below average. As for the rest between sets, 2-2.5 minutes will be enough. It is most effective to increase the working weight from set to set, and the failure should be achieved only in the last two repetitions. By the way of repetitions, their number should not exceed the number – 10.

As for SG, it is easy to call it, working for “wear”, i.e. using relatively small working weights with a large number of repetitions or approaches, in other words – pumping. Unfortunately, the abundance of false information on the Internet has contributed to the fact that most athletes equate the word pamping with a large number of repetitions. In fact, it is not. Our case is a vivid example. Here our goal is to obtain hypertrophy, not the destruction of glycogen stores, therefore, we should not exceed the range of 12 repetitions.

But how to achieve pamping for such a small range? It’s simple: reduce the rest time (no more than a minute). At the same time, it is important to choose the right working weight, because the refusal should occur only on the final set.

Application of knowledge in practice

In a single workout, you can effectively combine both types of hypertrophy. As a result, you will receive a diversified development of the back. It will be enough to choose three exercises: the first warming-letting, and the other two – working. Consider as an example a typical scheme:

– deadlift;
– Thrust rod to the belt in the slope;
– thrust upper block wide grip.

As you can see, deadlift is used as a general strength workout, i.e. No work with large working weights. Roughly speaking: our goal is to prepare the muscles of the back for work, and deadlift in this situation is the best choice. Do not think about the number of repetitions and approaches. Work on the result – until you get the feelings you need. Next, go to work exercises.

Thrust rod. Here you need to use a gradual increase in burdens. Rest according to MG. The number of working sets is no more than four.

Thrust block. Use only wide grip. It is advisable to work with the option “on the chest.” Rest no more than a minute (SG). The number of working sets is at least five. The main aspect is the working weight. Remember, rejection is valid only on the final set.

At the next back workout, you need to swap the methods, i.e. carry out the barbell thrust (SG), and the block thrust – MG. But after this training back requires the selection of a new pair of exercises. Such alternation will avoid falling into the muscle plateau.

What you need for muscle growth

M legged novice bodybuilding athletes equate to other sports. In fact, bodybuilding makes their followers to train in a completely different style. Bodybuilding is not reduced to the banal setting records. Your tasks are completely different. The first thing you need is the reprogramming of your internal biochemical system. Intervention in it by coincidence, is due to physical exercises that resemble an arsenal of weightlifting and powerlifting. All this creates the illusion of the race for working weight. However, in fact, training for a bodybuilder is not as important as the proper diet, and today we will talk about what is needed for muscle growth.

Of course, having come to a training session your main task is to perform a certain number of approaches and repetitions of one or another exercise. Thanks to such loads, our body increases the secretion of testosterone. Thus, you are returning to adolescence again, since only during this period of growing up the male hormone showed its greatest activity. It is worth noting that before bodybuilding, science considered reducing testosterone synthesis to be an irreversible process. However, athletes were able to prove that multi-repetitive sets with small burdens force testosterone generators to start working again in full force.

It is no secret that testosterone builds muscles, well, and several other androgenic hormones. Proteins, carbohydrates, sleep, etc. – This is only a building material and conditions. Anabolic hormones act as foremen. In this case, the logical question arises: “Why not replace the workout with simple injections of testosterone?”. Indeed, experiments have shown that steroids can grow muscle cells at rest, but the result is so small that it is almost impossible to notice it visually. Surely you know that during exercise, the level of testosterone rises by only 10-15%. A minor figure, especially when compared with the steroid course, during which you can increase the number of male hormone dozens of times.

Then what is the secret? Is it possible to blame the multi-repetition training? The fact is that repeated repetition of the same force movements creates a very stressful situation. A huge amount of free radicals that acidify the blood. In addition, ammonia is released – a by-product of muscle contraction. As a result, cell membranes become victims of all these conditions, and their strength is weakened several times. Under normal conditions, they are a coarse filter that only contains a certain amount of nutrients and hormones, but a weakened membrane looks like a leaky sieve. That is why a huge amount of testosterone penetrates into muscle cells, which, being inside, triggers the growth of cellular protein in order to restore the former form of membranes. Of course This process takes place with a small compensation. This is how the growth of muscles.

It should be noted that already after 30-35 minutes after intensive training, the membrane structure begins to yield to stresses, i.e. – becomes fragile. It turns out that muscle cells are able to absorb oxygen, testosterone and nutrients in the middle of a workout. It is from here that the fashionable tendency to consume amino acids and protein serum in the middle of the training takes its origin. It is worth noting that this method of delivery of nutrients has the right to exist. In theory, timely feeding of muscles can improve your results several times.

Many experienced bodybuilders, not without reason, consider their own libido to be an indicator of bodybuilding success. It’s all logical. Your body produces a huge amount of testosterone, which means that the desire for the opposite sex should increase significantly. If the level of libido decreases in parallel with the decline of strength, it only serves as a signal that bodybuilding has taken the wrong course.

And do not rejoice ahead of time in cases where the muscles grow, even against the background of indifference to sex. Instead of increasing muscle fibers, you accumulate water and other ballast, which in fact does not carry values. Real intramuscular protein is increased only against the background of increased libido. By the way, one of the side effects of artificial testosterone is the accumulation of water. That is why many famous champions of the past, at the moment look rather dubious from the point of view of bodybuilding. Many are simply ashamed of showing themselves in public.

The importance of proper diet

As mentioned above, muscle growth is an integrated approach. Testosterone will not be able to create a multi-story membrane building without the appropriate materials. The role of bricks for such a house is played by protein. It is his bodybuilders eat in incredible quantities. If you are an amateur who does not aspire to conquer the Mr. Olympia tournament, then 1.5-2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is enough for you. However, one should not turn a blind eye to the fact that, with an increase in this dosage, sporting success increases on the eyes.

High protein diet is positioned above the training. After all, really, why do you need to exhaust yourself with loads and increase testosterone, in the case when he has nothing to build muscle fibers from? In fairness, it should be noted that at the dawn of popularizing bodybuilding, training was considered the most important aspect. Only 10-20 years later, did bodybuilders understand the fallacy of such judgments. It was at that time that the steroid boom shook the planet. Many athletes were looking for a way to increase their hormone levels, although they only needed to find the right diet.

To date, bodybuilding has ceased to look for “magic” steroids, instead, all athletes have switched to a diet revolution. Now, every non-professional bodybuilder knows that success for the most part falls on the diet, as a proper balanced diet also leads to an increase in hormone levels. But bad luck, in the world there are countless different diet schemes and to find the most productive is simply not possible. Our editorial board decided to share with you one interesting method of nutrition, which allows you to gain muscle mass as quickly as possible. No innovative moves, all ingenious is easy!

Carbohydrate cycling

Every athlete knows the importance of carbohydrates. A large amount of protein is nice, but without proper energy exchange your muscles will not recover. Testosterone also needs energy. In general, carbohydrates are almost equal to proteins. That’s just to find the optimal scheme for their admission – quite difficult. We suggest you use the popular carbohydrate cycling technique in the West.

Do not confuse this system with cycling calories. We talked about this method in the past. His main task is not to allow the body to slow down the process of fat loss. It is no secret that the lack of energy causes the body to reduce metabolism, which eventually leads to a stop of lipolysis (fat burning). Alternating high and low calorie days is used for this. Thus, you deceive the body, and fat burning processes do not stop.

Carbohydrate cycling is a completely different power scheme. No matter how paradoxical it may sound, but it will help you gain mass and get rid of a small percentage of subcutaneous fat. The basic principle of the technique is the presence of compulsory squats and daily interval cardio in the form of a sprint in the training. one beast test Moreover, aerobic exercise is not to burn fat, but to speed up the metabolism and saturate the body with oxygen. For those who do not know, oxygen – is a powerful anabolic.

As for the carbohydrates themselves, they should be taken depending on the intensity of training. Every day with squats should be accompanied by a large amount of carbohydrates. But the days of rest practically do not need carbohydrates, except in the minimum necessary quantity. There is no riddle here. A large amount of energy is always accompanied by insulin production. This hormone is called anabolic, as it helps to transport sugar, nutrients and other hormones straight into the muscles, but only on training days. During rest, insulin is engaged in its standard task – the conversion of excess sugar into fat stores.

In addition to the foregoing, insulin is a synergist of testosterone, i.e. these hormones, working together, improve their efficiency several times. Above, we talked about the fact that the male hormone needs energy for the regenerative processes of the membrane. So, insulin – provides testosterone with the necessary energy resources. It is most rational to use a lot of carbohydrates only in the days of heavy training, especially immediately after exercise. It is important to provide the body with a stable level of glucose and proteins. Therefore, eat every 2.5 hours.

As for sources of carbohydrates, the most valuable are: wild rice, oatmeal, barley porridge, buckwheat, legumes, vegetables and boiled potatoes. Also here you can bring bakery products from coarse wheat varieties. It is worth noting that this system does not encourage you to reduce the number of calories on rest days. You only replace carbohydrates with proteins and fats. Speaking of the second, you can use nut and linseed oil, fish oil, red fish, etc. That is – no harmful products: beer and chips – are prohibited.

Bottom line The

absence of carbohydrates per se on rest days allows you not to worry about insulin. Fat is not deposited, and as a result the muscles become more prominent. In addition, a stable level of sugar in the blood does not cause sudden attacks of hunger.

In general, the cycling of carbohydrates is a pretty good technique to improve their athletic performance. So, answering the question: “What is needed for muscle growth?”, We can answer: having the right diet and adequate hormone levels. Training at the same time fades into the background.