How to lose weight in 1 month?

How to lose weight in 1 month

I would like to have shapely legs and drawn … This is certainly the reason for your coming on this article. Rest assured, it is quite possible to lose weight easily by applying a suitable diet and regular physical activity.

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In a month, and following the tips that follow, you can get very interesting results.

Lose legs quickly with walking
The muscles that make up the Vida Tone Keto legs are mainly the quadriceps and the calf. It is quite possible to refine your legs by opting for a sport easy to set up: walking . For this, nothing like a daily program .

Start with two days of testing, and walk for 20 minutes at a moderate pace. Also calculate the number of kilometers traveled can help you in your motivation.

For the following days, it will gradually increase your pace and the duration of your shopping. Why not do this group activity and set up timed challenges?

Lose weight quickly with bodybuilding
The exercises bodybuilding go for their tone and firm your legs. In fact, walking has a more general effect on the body while bodybuilding can target areas to work.

Your thighs will not resist squats 2 to 3 times a week for 1 month . If you are a woman , you can start by doing them empty, without dumbbells, raising one leg and making sure to get off just before your glutes are parallel to the floor.

This guarantees an almost exclusive solicitation of the legs, while the lower descending squats recruit more the gluteal muscles. If you are a man , the squats at the bar or the press for the thighs give remarkable results.

Do not forget to hydrate yourself to protect yourself from body aches.

Your last asset, food
Do not forget to mix these physical exercises with a diet low in calories and fat . This will refine and sculpt your legs by eliminating fatty tissue , dimpling or other orange peel that hides the muscles and the natural curve.

Nutrition must be taken seriously and adopt a low calorie diet and hyperprotein is a decision of the wisest: bread and eggs in the morning, exercise in the morning, then 100g of starchy foods accompanied by a white meat, and green vegetables for the evening meal .

By following this rule for a period of 30 days, you will soon see significant results.

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Leucine in bodybuilding

If you are wondering what leucine is, it is an essential amino acid belonging to the BCAA family or branched or branched amino acids such as isoleucine and valine. It is naturally present in the body, constituting nearly 8% of our amino acids. It is essential for the body to build muscle fibers.

It plays a leading role in anabolism by promoting the body’s ability to build muscles. It is for this reason that it is of paramount importance in sports nutrition, especially for people who practice muscu.

Leucine and protein synthesis
Leucine brings many benefits for athletes wanting more muscle. The amino acid contributes to the niwali keto proper assimilation of proteins to maintain a positive nitrogen balance. It should be known that when this equilibrium is disturbed, the proteins are very quickly degraded to cause a muscular wasting. This anti-catabolising effect is essential for athletes and athletes of all kinds.

But it also helps to relieve muscle relaxation that tends to occur with age and aging. In a nutshell, leucine is effective for having a good muscle mass.

Leucine and muscle fiber construction
Leucine increases anabolism so that the body can create muscle more easily. This is why it is very recommended for people who do bodybuilding. It guarantees an impressive result.

Its effectiveness is scientifically proven. But that’s not all, it provides energy to the muscles so they can sustain endurance. It allows you to remain competitive, not only during competitions, but also during training sessions. It greatly reduces the risk of fatigue.

How to use leucine in bodybuilding?
This amino acid is present in protein foods such as meat, fish and dairy products. But to have the amount necessary for the practice of bodybuilding or any other intense sport, it is advisable to take as an organic food supplement, sold as a powder in pharmacies.

Its use can be done before, during and after the effort. But of course, consume it before an intensive session is more judicious, because thus, it increases the performance while boosting the creation of muscles.

Posology of leucine
There is a dosage to respect for leucine to be effective. Very often, it is recommended to take 10 gr of powder to dilute in water (5 gr if you dilute it in a protein drink like whey) before a session, 10 g during the effort and another 10 grams afterwards to allow to the muscles to recover.

But do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for details. In general, leucine is safe and does not cause side effects. But the dietary supplement is prohibited to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, which normally should not make muscu in any way.

What sports to strengthen the calves?

What sports to strengthen the calves

Cycling, running or swimming? Which sport (s) to favor to have fine legs and muscular and thus perfect calves ? If daily exercises on the calf extensions can refine them at home, some sports to practice outside also promote the work of this specific area of ​​the body.

The skipping rope to quickly strengthen the calves deep
Jumping rope is an easy sport that requires no specific machine or investment . You can very well practice it every day at home, in order to refine you. In addition to burning fat , this sport helps to strengthen the legs and thighs. The calves are therefore toned and refined since the small jumps stimulate them considerably.

Jump sports: the calves are solicited
To strengthen the calves, there is no miracle: it is appropriate to stretch the muscles and therefore to achieve calf extensions. Thus, all jumping sports are recommended to those who wish to refine the lower legs.

The triple jump or the high jump are athletic events that will work wonders on your body. Register at a club to start practicing these tonic sports.

Volleyball too
Based on the same principle (of the extension), volleyball not only burns fat but also muscles of the calves . This team sport also allows you to work on your endurance.

Swimming to firm the calves
Go to the pool once or twice a week and swim a few laps . This swim has the advantage of soliciting the calves, knees and inner thighs. What to carve dream legs.

Aquagym: for large movements
The resistance of the water helps to massage the belly and thighs, thus reducing cellulite . But that’s not all. Water allows to exert a pressure which favors muscular work. In order to firm the calves, nothing like standing in the pelvis, legs slightly apart.

Bring your heels to your buttocks, alternating left leg and right leg. Increase the intensity as you go. Perform 4 sets of 20 movements.

Pilates or yoga for thinner muscles
Stretches lengthen muscles. Many exercises of Pilates or yoga thus allow to redraw the muscles of the calves, so that they are less imposing.

As you can see, the sports that will stretch your calves can easily refine them and therefore have amazing results!

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Mountain Climber: effects and results!

Among the easy exercises to do at home to lose weight, is the mountain climber (or exercise climber, in French). What is the principle and what are its effects on your body?

Which muscles are used with the mountain climber?
The mountain climber puts on the work of the lower limbs of the body. But the abdominal belt and the arms are also solicited. As a result, the entire silhouette is refined.

Performed quickly, the exercise helps make the body more toned and works the cardiovascular system. When the exercise is performed more gently, the muscles are solicited more deeply.

So what are the muscles that work during the realization of the mountain climber?

The medium and large buttocks as well as the hamstrings will heat up, which will allow you to have sharp thighs and sculpted buttocks. The abs are also strengthened because the transverse muscle and the obliques are solicited. Finally, your calves and triceps also work during this exercise burns fat.

How to run the mountain climber?
To properly perform the exercise climber moutain, the beginner must follow some basic instructions.

Indeed, it includes a sequence of several movements which, to be effective, must be done properly.

To do this, take the starting posture by placing yourself on your hands, arms outstretched, and your toes, as if you were going to make pumps.

Make sure your back is straight, your abs and buttocks are contracted, and your head, shoulders, back, buttocks and legs are in the same alignment. Reassemble one leg by placing your knee at the level of your torso (the one on the right, for example) without placing your foot on the ground. Then, with an impulse, invert your supports and then bring your left leg forward and put your right leg back.

The results of the mountain climber on your body
The exercise of mountain climber has several effects on your metabolism. He first develops your muscle tone. In addition, it burns fat and therefore reduces weight by eliminating calories. Include it in a more general sports program.

For example, make 3 sets of 20 moves, after performing 3 sets of 20 front slit movements and 3 sets of 20 squat moves.

Finally, the mountain climber solicits your cardiovascular capacity and allows you to work your cardio. For conclusive results, carry out this exercise every day.

In short, the benefits of mountain climber are numerous and they allow to carve a body of dreams.

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Benefits and properties of this Japanese

It is not often easy to have a flat stomach with oblique well dug! You must be armed with effective tips to remove your unsightly bulges and have a flat stomach in ten minutes a day. Find out here the tips you need for flat stomach surgery in 10 minutes a day.

Bet on an anti-bloating diet
When you are looking for how to have a flat stomach, you often forget that the solution may be on your plate.

The swollen belly is sometimes the result of bloating. And these bloating are often due to what you eat, because there are foods that disrupt your digestion and irritate your intestinal flora.

For your stomach to be flat, avoid crudités and raw vegetables, which facilitate swelling. We must also avoid foods that are too rich in gluten, legumes (beans, lentils, etc.) and fruits and vegetables that are too rich in fiber (celery, cabbage, figs, leeks …).

Gain your belly
To have a beautiful flat stomach, it takes some effort! Do not think of wearing muscular and smooth belly without will and daily maintenance. You will need to work hard if you want to sculpt and tuck your belly.

On the program, small sessions of abdominals and sheathing every day to combat the small overweight and have drawn abs! To achieve chocolate bars, physical exercise remains your essential ally.

To complete your abdominal sessions, consider the benefits of massage during your shower. To firm your tissues, do the technique of palpate roll to eliminate unsightly cellulite and break the dimpling. This technique is to be done after a jet of cold water on the chest and belly. Massage clockwise by pinching and pressing the skin to peel off. This will help you have a flat stomach naturally.

Use slimming creams
In addition to a sport and a good diet, apply a slimming cream for flat stomach can be very useful.

Concentrated in active ingredients such as fig extracts, seaweed or caffeine, slimming creams help your body drain toxins and quickly get rid of clumps of fat accumulated on your stomach.

Crunches crossed
This exercise that targets your obliques and your abs is very effective.

To make your crunches, lie on your back, your legs bent at a right angle and your hands behind the neck. Contract your abs and take off your head and shoulders off the ground. Bring your right elbow into contact with your left knee by extending your right leg at a 45-degree angle.

Do the same with your left elbow and your right knee without returning to the original position. These 2 movements make a single repetition. Try to do at least 7 continuous series every day to solicit the deep muscles of your belly. You can return to the initial position between repetitions.

Do a sport exercise that appeals to you
The secret of form is tonicity. Being sedentary makes transit difficult! So you have to move! You have to try to book a niche of a few minutes walk every day, avoid the car and the lifts! For drawn abdominals and a flat stomach, it is necessary to bet on swimming, it allows to stretch your whole body!

In short, you need to strengthen the belt of your abdomen with a daily activity that you like and that will allow you to tap into fat by strengthening your muscle mass. Do not forget to do the board, the twist and the mountain climbers to solicit the deep muscles of the belly and have sculpted abdominals.

On the menu of your special flat stomach program in 10 minutes days, you need to have a good diet, exercise and messages. And from the first weeks, you will not ask yourself how long it takes to have a flat stomach when you have the right tips!

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Nutrition Facts and Properties of Lamb’s-quarters

Nutrition Facts and Properties of Lamb's-quarters

Also called fat cabbage, the quarterfinch is a wild plant that grows in Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain, France and Greece, as well as in part of Africa. Like beet and spinach , it belongs to the category of wild edible plants.

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It exists in several forms, namely, lamb’s-quarters, lamb’s-quarters, lamb’s-quarters, and spinach-strawberries . Here, we will focus on the nutritional value and properties of Lamb’s-quarters.

The nutritional value of lamb’s-quarters
When cooked, 180 g of this vegetable provides about 58 calories to the body . For this quantity, it contains 1.3 g of lipids, 9 g of carbohydrates, 5.8 g of protein, 0.5 g of sodium, 3.8 g of dietary fiber, 9 g of carbohydrates, 1, 1 g of sugars and 160 g of water.

It is a vegetable that contains no cholesterol . However, it must not be eaten raw because it contains saponin, oxalic acid and nitrates; elements that may be harmful to the body. The cooking allows to get rid of it and keep only oxalic acid.

Slimming properties of lamb’s-quarters
Thanks to its high water content, lamb’s-quarters make it easier for you to feel full. It is therefore a good ingredient to insert into your meals during dieting. In addition, it is a very good source of vitamins A, B, C and PP , minerals, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.

Its equally nutritious seeds can be incorporated into wheat flour for bread and cake preparation. Beyond its nutritional properties, this wild plant also has sedative and refreshing properties.

How to consume lamb’s-quarters?
The leaves of Lamb’s-quarters are the most consumed parts of the plant. It is better to harvest them when they are still young, because they are more tender. You can add them to your recipes for salads, soups or use them in your smoothies.

They can also be incorporated into the filling that you put on your quiche before baking it . But beware, it is a plant that should not be eaten every day, such as beetroot and spinach , it contains oxalic acid, a nutrient that could affect the assimilation of minerals such as calcium when present in large quantities.

Lamb’s-quarters are considered a weed because they invade newly cleared areas. But considering its nutritional value and its many virtues, you should think twice before removing them from your garden the next time.

Just be careful not to consume roadside and industrial areas as they may be contaminated with heavy metals such as lead and mercury.


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How many calories in beet chips?

How many calories in beet chips

If nothing is worse than a handful of chips when you want to lose weight , what to replace it at the time of the drink? With their pretty red color and organic label , beet chips have good sales points.

But how many calories do they really contain? 335 kcal for 100 grams! A good average compared to potato chips (536 kcal per 100 g).

Beet crisps, light appetizers?
Less caloric than traditional crisps, beet crisps are good substitute when you’re on a diet . But do not go fool yourself: to keep the line , it is better to alternate with sticks of raw vegetables, or other foods really “light” .

Another option: make beet fries even lighter, abandoning the traditional fryer for baking in the oven or microwave . Follow our homemade recipe to crack uncompromisingly whatever your diet – and even if you eat paleo because it is cooked at low temperatures!

Quick recipe: oven-baked beet chips
Ingredients and utensils
– two cooked beets
– salt and pepper
– a mandolin

– Preheat your oven to 120 ° C.

– With the mandolin, cut the beets in very thin slices.

– Stain baking sheets with parchment paper and divide the slices.

– Salt and pepper.

– Bake for a good hour.

If you have a food dehydrator , you can also use it to make your chips in a raw version : the dehydration time required is eight to twelve hours.

The health benefits of beetroot
If there is a white beet , the better known beetroot is much more likely to land in your basket. But do you know that in addition to its slimming virtues, it is a real super-food?

In fact, beetroot is one of the most concentrated antioxidant vegetables – these molecules that defend our cells against damage caused by free radicals. This vegetable would contribute to lowering the risk of cancer.

Rich in potassium, beetroot is also a diuretic food, which helps to drain organic waste. A source of vitamins A and K, it provides the body with the perfect support for bones, teeth and vision.

You have a few pounds to lose? Much more light than potato chips, beet chips are an appetizer to try absolutely! But without fryer !

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Top 5 exercises to strengthen the biceps

Top 5 exercises to strengthen the biceps

The biceps are particular muscles because they do not constitute the main muscle mass of the arm , but their anterior position makes them visible and they are therefore a major objective for amateur bodybuilders . Here are 5 effective exercises to strengthen the biceps …

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The curl biceps at the bar
This is the classic bodybuilding exercise that will win biceps strength and volume. It should be known that this movement can be done at the right bar or EZ bar , the latter to relieve wrists and facilitate movement.

The goal of the exercise is not just to raise the bar . Care must be taken to keep a correct movement , avoiding swinging one’s elbows (from front to back). It is then necessary to concentrate on the contraction of the muscles and the quality of the movement .

The hammer curl
This exercise completes the first, making the arms look thicker with a more massive face. It also makes the forearms more powerful . This exercise is practiced with dumbbells , even if the gyms offer adapted bars.

The curl spider
This exercise is the one that best muscle biceps and is interesting in allowing to avoid cheating with the shoulders . It is carried out on a 45 degree inclined plane by laying the torso on the top of the bench and leaving the shoulders back and down.

Grab the bar, keep your elbows fixed and avoid back and forth movements, and focus on the contraction of your biceps . Only the forearms should move , as for all other curl movements.

The inclined curl
This exercise will result in maximum stretching of the biceps and it is therefore recommended to place it at the end of the session . On a bench inclined at 45 degrees, take a pair of dumbbells and sit with the shoulders in the back position and keeping elbows fixed.

You will not gain strength in lifting these dumbbells but you will be able to concentrate on good muscular sensations .

The curl desk
This exercise is a movement of isolation of the biceps and the use of the desk will prevent you from cheating. The curl desk will cause maximum stretching of your biceps , but be careful not to make a full extension and risk muscle tearing with too heavy a load. The curl desk is practiced with dumbbells in general, but also with a straight bar or EZ.

In conclusion, the biceps exercises are quite numerous and each can be performed with one or more variants (tight grip, wide grip, pronation, supination, with a bench more or less inclined , with a straight bar or EZ ) . The 5 exercises above are essential because they are used in the weight room , but it’s up to you to find the ones that are best for you and that bring you the best results .

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Is the egg au lait allowed during a diet?

Milk eggs are a light and tasty dessert. Can they be integrated into a diet? Yes, provided you prepare your own milk egg to control the recipe.

The traditional milk egg is rather light
Milk eggs are compatible with most diets. They also exist in Dukan recipes or weight watchers. Only diets such as a low carb diet will tend to avoid it because milk causes an increase in blood glucose, despite its nutritional value.

1 serving of egg-milk provides on average 150 kcal, including 6 grams of protein, 18 grams of carbohydrates and 6 of fat (depending on the type of milk chosen, this proportion evolves).

By limiting the use of sugar and choosing a 0% milk, it can be an excellent light dessert in a diet. It permanently cuts hunger, satisfies the taste buds and provides ideal proteins for a balanced dietary intake.

Attention to derivatives and more caloric additions
The egg au lait is sometimes prepared as a custard to which we will add chocolate or caramel, coconut milk or soy vegan version, banana or almond and vanilla toppings. As long as it is accompanied by fresh fruits, like apples, everything remains relatively good for the line and compatible with a diet.

But in other cases, you can quickly fall back on a dessert very rich in calories, sugars and saturated fats.

In case of pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is always better to talk to your doctor about the best food alternatives.

Easy and homemade milk egg recipe
– 1 liter of skimmed milk
– 6 organic eggs
– 1 tablespoon vanilla bourbon (aroma)
– 2 scoops of cooking compatible liquid sweetener

– Preheat the oven to 180 °
– Bring the liter of milk to a boil in a saucepan
– Beat eggs and liquid sweetener as to prepare an omelette
– Pour very gently the milk in this preparation, whisking carefully to prevent eggs from cooking too quickly
– Place in a bain-marie to put everything in the oven
– To envisage a cooking of 30 minutes

This grandmother’s dish is an affordable treat that the whole family enjoys. It has the advantage of not requiring any particular equipment to prepare it, such as a blender or a thermomix.

In case of guests at home or to taste a child, they can be served with lemon or cocoa biscuits.

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5 tips to spend 150 calories a day

Getting weight is easy but it’s a different story when it comes to getting thinner just as quickly. For that, it is advisable to return to the sport and to pay attention to its food.

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Fortunately, by resuming light physical activity, it is already possible to burn 150 calories a day at least! Here are some tips for losing a few pounds at home or by putting on your sneakers.

Spend 150 calories a day while walking
Rather than borrow the car to bring the kids back to school or buy the bread, put on your sneakers. In fact, brisk walking helps to tone the body and burn calories without even realizing it. So do not hesitate to change your habits and forget a little public transport or the car: an hour of walking allows you to spend 150 calories!

The more steps you take, the more you work your muscles. In the office, do not hesitate to stretch your legs every 2 hours by walking in the corridor for example. Take the stairs instead of the elevators.

Spend 150 calories a day while jogging
Running is the sport that allows you to lose weight faster. Indeed, in just 15 to 20 minutes of jogging, you will burn at least 150 calories. If you want to resume a sporting activity, it is therefore towards this one that one must turn. Initially, start with short distances, respecting your pace. You can then progress and lose more calories.

Spend 150 calories a day doing bodybuilding exercises
A few daily exercises can reshape his body and lose weight in a targeted way. For bouncing gluteals, for example, perform 5 sets of 20 squats. To refine your thighs, make 5 sets of 20 slots before alternating left leg and right leg.

To tone your stomach and slim hips, do the board for at least 30 seconds and repeat the exercise twice. You will quickly burn your calories while you muscling.

Learning some yoga positions can also tone your body while relaxing: enough to burn calories gently.

Spend 150 calories on cleaning
In your daily tasks too you can burn calories. Soiling the floor, vacuuming, cleaning the tiles can be spent while taking care of the hygiene and cleanliness of the house! What to kill two birds with one stone?

Spend 150 calories even more easily by … making love!
The last tip to lose 150 calories a day is simply to make love! Indeed, sex, more or less sports, burn fat.

Finally, everyday, it is very easy to lose some calories, sometimes without even realizing it.

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